ECOMMERCE May, 11 2022

Why Omnichannel Helps Customers?

Using different channels is becoming a necessity for businesses. Customers are using multiple touchpoints with your brand – social media sites, websites, physical shops etc – can therefore turn into repeat customers. The average customer won’t necessarily interact to a

ECOMMERCE May, 6 2022

What is a CRM Strategy?

CRM means Customer Relationship Management. It is aimed at boosting revenues and profitability, decreasing expenses and increasing customer loyalty. CRM is simple: Let customers do their job. When your business views all transactions with the customers in mind, you can

ECOMMERCE May, 4 2022

Is Omnichannel Right for you?

Omnichannel is a cohesive strategy in retail whether online or offline that is through all channels and revolves around a customer. It’s customer-centric. Every part of the customer experience is considered when looking at an Omnichannel strategy. Small businesses and

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